Peter G. Marshall - Bio

Peter G. Marshall, Technology Professional

Peter has over 35 years of experience in software technology research and development and technology management.

Peter started his career as an Institutional Equities Trader at the Toronto Stock Exchange (now the TSX). During this period, he became interested in computing, taught himself programming and became involved in the Computer Assisted Trading System (CATS) at the TSE.

After leaving the TSE, Peter did programming as a Professor's Assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Kimberly Clark Canada (logistics systems), Batteries Included Software Inc., (computer games programming) and CADP (a division of ADP).

Mr. Marshall then joined Central Canada Grocers (a Division of Loblaw Companies) as their first Microcomputer Systems Analyst. Peter was subsequently recruited by David Nichol (President Loblaw International Merchants) to be the Technical Head of a special project's team.

The team created the Pierre Category Management System which defined the new field of Business Intelligence Systems. PCMS is credited with increasing the net profitability of Loblaw Companies divisions by as much as 68%. It became a Harvard MBA business case and has influenced the operations of several large retail companies including Walmart USA.

After Loblaws, Peter became the Vice President, Information Systems at Hy & Zel’s Corporation (a drug store chain) and then, the Vice President of Information Technology at Fairweather (a division of Dylex Corp. - fashion apparel).

Peter and Loblaws colleague Ray Goodman were then recruited by Gerry Pencer (CEO, Cott Corporation). Peter and Ray formed the Cott Retail Brands Special Projects team which helped Cott’s largest customers including Walmart, USA, use a new generation of business intelligence tools for Private Label Goods management. This played a key role in Cott's transition from a soft drink bottler to a full service Private Label Packaged Goods Vendor.

In the mid 1990’s, Mr. Marshall co-founded and became the Chief Technology Officer of PageActive. PageActive developed and sold Internet technology and new media solutions, including learning systems based on in-house developed Video Content Streaming (developed by Peter, and subsequently purchased by PageActive). Peter played a key role in taking the company from start-up, through to $5 million in Venture Capital funding, to its ultimate purchase by a large media conglomerate from California.

In 2000, Peter founded Openphase Technology Research and Development providing Research and Development services to the Internet Technologies sector. Some of Openphase’s projects include:

  • GuidedChoice Inc. - San Jose, CA - Openphase worked with Harry Markowitz (recipient of the John von Neumann Theory Prize and the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences, Chief Architect, GuidedChoice) to develop an Internet based retirement planning (401k) service that made it simple and straightforward for participants to reach their goals. It delivered best-practice advice, handled transactions and managed all of their account details.
  • Atlas Capital Management Corp. - Openphase developed real-time applications that gathered, organized and provided analytics for the tracking of changes of various financial parameters of public companies traded on New York Stock Exchange.
  • Openphase All Weather Data Services - a service solution for Engineers and Water Resource managers that provides easy access to Environment Canada supplied historical weather data.

Peter, has most recently served as Chief Technology Officer for Ideal Advisor Inc, a Software as a Service start up company located in Toronto. Canada.

Mr. Marshall is also a Guest Lecturer at the Ted Rogers School of Management - Ryerson University where he lectures on Entrepreneurship and Technology.

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